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New Life Church of God by Faith
Ft. Myers, Florida

The Church of God by Faith, Fort Myers, began as a mission in September of 1986. Sister Karen Upshaw, formerly a member of Clearwater C.O.G.B.F., moved to the Ft. Myers area. Desiring to continue her membership with the Churches of God by Faith, Sister Upshaw contacted Minister Thomas. For a time, Minister Thomas drove the saints to Avon Park to worship with the church there. Superintendent of the South Florida District, Elder C.M. Fogle decided that there was a need to expand into the Southwest Florida area.

The first mission service was held in the home of Minister Thomas with Elder Fogle as pastor and Minster Earl Thomas assistant pastor. The congregation consisted of eight members; Sister and Brother Larry Willis, Sister Upshaw, Sister Hart, Deacon and Mother Hunter, Brother Campbell, and Sister Ellis.

During the next few months, the church moved to the home of Deacon Lansey and Mother Idella Hunter where they took in several new members, Brother McGee, Brother Scott and family, Sister Cosby, Mother Owens, and Brother Hart. In January 1987, the members moved to a small church building. There, Elder James Stevenson became the assistant pastor with Elder Fogle overseeing. During this time more souls were added. They were Sister Carolyn Smith, the Stevenson family, Sister Shalivia Smith, Brother Bob Owens, and several grandchildren.

In January of 1988, Elder James Stevenson became pastor and we were blessed to purchase our own church building at 1946 Pauldo Street. Elder Lane, a minister in the area, was very supportive and assisted in acquiring the building. The church continued to grow as Deacon and Mother Peterson, who were formerly Church of God by Faith members from Lake Wales, Florida, joined.

In 1989, Elder C.M. Fogle passed away and the South Florida District was divided into a tri-district. Fort Myers church became a part of the Tampa West Coast District under the leadership of Elder Albert Landers, Jr. In December 1990, Elder James Waters was appointed to Ft. Myers church. He served for one year. Elder Adrian Jones was appointed pastor in December 1991. Under his leadership, Sister Graham and Deacon David Anderson and family became members.

Minister James E. Williams was appointed pastor in December 1997. The church name was changed from St. Matthews to New Life Church of God by Faith. Minister Williams made improvements to the church edifice and oversaw a major renovation of the building. A building next to the church was purchased and converted into a Fellowship Center. Under Elder Williams' leadership came the purpose "To become a Biblically functioning community of believers, so that Christ's redemptive purposes can be accomplished in this world." He believed that where "where there is unity, there is strength," and that the church will not grow if we don't grow individually. In addition we must be known as a church throughout the community and city. Elder Williams remained pastor until December 2006 when he was reassigned to Tampa.

Elder Calvin McDonald, who is the current pastor, was appointed in December 2007. The church has continued to grow physically and spiritually. Elder and Sister McDonald have continued to improve the church facilities. After much prayer and negotiations, the house next door was purchased for a church parsonage in February, 2011.

There have been many community outreach programs such as giving food baskets at Thanksgiving, Back to School Bashes, and Toy Giveaways at Christmas. To fulfill our vision of providing to the church and community programs that will enrich their lives, the Youth Director and staff have provided many enriching programs for the youth.

As Pastor continues to admonish us, we need to continue our concern for soul winning. With much work to do, New Life continues in our mission to turn unchurched people from the north, south, east and west, into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, equipping them to reach full potential in Him.

Sunday School 10:00 am
Sunday Midday Worship 11:30am
Wednesday Night Prayer 7:00 pm
Bible Study 7:30 pm

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